Apex Legends Aimbot + Wallhack (ESP) Free Cheat

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  • Game: Apex Legends
  • Version: V1.2.4
  • Developer: TheCruZ
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    Playing the game Apex Legends? how about a free and working hack for this popular game? You have the opportunity to download the current cheat on Apex Legends from our website. There are two necessary functions: aimbot - with this function you can shoot accurately at enemies, wallhack (ESP) - this function will highlight all players nearby through the textures on the map (as shown in the screenshot) and thus you will know where your enemy is hiding. For this cheat, you will not get banned if you play carefully. You will have to Tinker with the installation, but this free cheat on Apex Legends is worth it.

    GameVersion Apex Legends Cheatv3.0.4.150


    Video tutorials:

    Load memory efi: https://streamable.com/sdp5pg
    -If no blue screen try: https://streamable.com/56ibdm (Tip: Some other people report that the disk partitions need to be configured as GPT)
    Launch CRZAimbot: https://streamable.com/b9ud7u

    Text instructions:

    Copy USB folder contents to an USB Drive, restart your computer and start with your USB(1*)
    Press enter in the console until you see the shell and search for your USB drive device, normally around FS0-FS3
    Go inside the drive with this name and check that you have there the memory.efi (ls command...)
    Put load memory.efi
    Put exit and now in you Boot Menu/Bios remove your usb drive and run windows normally (In any case you can follow the steps here efi-mapper)
    When your are back in your desktop go to Ring3 folder
    Open any x64 process(2*) that you want as admin
    In the ring3 folder drag and drop CRZAimbot.dll to INJ.exe and type the process name that you have opened in lowercase(<=1.11) (3*)
    The console should close and your cheat is ready to work, if your opened process crash try with another(4*) (with version >= 1.2 now you should see a console window to configure the cheat or a text to configure it if your already was using console based process)
    Open the game and when the people jump from the airplane you should see the glow hack
    Have Fun!

    REQUIREMENT TO USE: If anyone get banned please tell us if you was using any other app/script/spoofer and your avg stats (play killing everymatch 25 players with 5k+ dmg = ban)


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