Apex Legends Cheat + spoofer - EternityApex (Aim, ESP)

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  • Game: Apex Legends
  • Version: v2.0 free
  • Developer: Abastrax
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    Your attention is a new working cheat + spoofer EternityApex (Aim, ESP) for the game Apex Legends. The game is still relevant among players, which means that cheats are also present in it. Basically all hacks are private, but we give you the opportunity to download a free cheat on Apex Legends. The functionality here is quite simple, but it is enough for a comfortable game. There is a chance to get banned for using this hack, so use it at your own risk. In addition, we provide you with a working spoofer on Apex Legends that will help you remove the lock in the game in a matter of seconds. Use this cheat, do not miss your opportunity.

    free spoofer apex


    ESP (Chams) - this feature will highlight enemies through textures on the map and thus you will be able to see them through the walls.

    AimAssist - this feature will make your shooting much better and you will always hit the target.


    1: Open the loader

    1.5: Press Spoof (optional)

    2: Press Inject

    3: The console should look like this:

    4: Open apex legends and Enjoy!

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