eVOL CS 1.6 Hack - LegitBot, RageBot, Skins

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  • Game: Counter-Stike 1.6
  • Version: v26
  • Developer: puttevigaa
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    To date, eVOL CS 1.6 Hack is the best free cheat for CS 1.6 that you can download from our site. A unique menu with which you can select all the necessary functions, and the functionality here is enough. For example, there are all the standard features such as: Aimbot, Wh, ESP, LegitBot, RageBot, as well as unique features such as SkinChanger with which you can change the appearance of weapons on any of the list (see the main screenshot). Do you want to dominate game servers and create a house? Use the free working solution eVOL CS 1.6 Hack. The size of this hack is large, but it does not affect the game in any way, your fps will be stable, and the game will not lag. In addition, this cheat is suitable for both the Steam version of the game and the Nosteam client. The ban for this cheat is not issued, unless you use the most aggressive features and the admin will notice you.


    Download the cheat from our site

    Launching CS 1.6

    Launch loader.exe

    Go into the game and play with the hack

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