AmerykaaWare - Legit, Semi-Rage, Visuals

22.09.2020 41 0

  • Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Version: 22/09/2020
  • Developer: Deccy
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    Great hack AmerykaaWare for CS:GO which is suitable for both amateurs and experienced hackers. AmerykaaWare cheat is working and completely free, everything is prepared here and you just need to run this cheat using the injector and enjoy easy frags.

    By function, the cheat is mainly configured for a quiet game, so you can use it both for games on official servers and for games on classic public servers. You can also configure it for an HVH game and try your luck on servers for cheaters. Again, the main functions are LegitBot and Semi-RageBot with the ability to configure via the cheat menu, which is called by pressing the INSERT key.

    Semi-RageBot - a powerful aim for powerful bending of all living things in a given radius, because thanks to a variety of parameters, it is possible to adjust the field of view, the moment of firing, and much more;
    LegitBot - a version of aim and wallhack for a quiet game in the rating with a minimum probability of being banned, and if configured correctly, this cheat will not be detected by the patrol;
    TriggerBot - automatically shoots at the enemy, if you point the scope at that, this useful function is also not devoid of various parameters;
    Visuals - this includes a variety of visual improvements to make the game more productive by disabling some effects;
    Misc - a general category for functions that cannot be attributed to others, such as automatic springing and other things;

    How to use:
    1. Download cheat
    2. Launching CS:GO
    3. Launch CSH Injector
    4. Insert for menu

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