Fall Guys Bot - EXP Farm

17.10.2020 24 0

  • Game: Fall Guys
  • Version: 17/10/20
  • Developer: jordan123pal
  • To download you need to be registered

    EXP farm bot on Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout cheat experience and money. The bot plays Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout for you and earns experience and money, as well as receives rewards from the battle pass, so the bot gets skins, laurels, crowns and experience. The bot completely emits the player's actions, meaning it is safe to use and does not violate the rules of the game, so you can't ban it!


    1. Download and unpack archive
    2. Install Python (recommend 3.8.5 32 BIT).
    3. Open it .bat (using an administrator) to install libraries.
    4. Run The Fall Guys.
    5. Open "fall_guys_bot.py".
    6. Enjoy



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