Fortnite Macro Building Script

28.08.2020 96 0

  • Game: Fortnite
  • Version: 28.08.2020
  • Developer: MariuszMC
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    Fornite is quite a difficult game for beginners, because to win the battle Royale you need building skills, and they are quite difficult to learn. Thanks to Polish developers, came out for AutoHotKey, which allows you to automatically build if you hold down one key.

    - 1 function is how we hold the H button it encloses us.
    - Two quid is if we hold the L button, it starts building towers.

    - How to use it?
    - You just need to download the archive with the script from our site, download AutoHotKey, run it and select the downloaded script, that's it, now by clicking two buttons you will build as a professional.

    - Do they ban you for this?
    - No, it is completely safe, the script only performs the function of the keyboard, and does not embed itself in the game.

    Archive password: 123

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