Hake Injector (CS:GO only)

12.10.2020 110 2

  • Game: Injectors
  • Version: 12/10/2020
  • Developer: legendary10012
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    Latest version of the injector on CS:GO - Hack Injector which bypasses the anti-cheat from VALVE called VAC and allows you to easily inject and use DLL cheats in any number. This injector is only suitable for CSGO games and for DLL cheats that we post on the site. With this injector, you can easily bypass anti-cheat and use cheats without the risk of being blocked by an anti-cheat. The main thing is to download the latest version of the injector, because the anti-cheat VAC is sometimes updated and this injector also needs to be updated!

    1. Unload injector from archive
    2. Run it as administrator
    3. Enter the name of the cheat (without .dll)
    4. Click Enter
    5. Enjoy the cheat !

    Archive password: 123

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    nice injector
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