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    The latest version of the popular injector to the game Process Hacker. Process Hacker - it's probably one of the best programs on today, because it not only allows you to inject in the game but also to disable/enable some programs that even your task Manager sees. Also, with the help of Process Hacker, you can find a virus on your PC, display the Internet transmission from where and to whom it goes, etc. There are a lot of possibilities, but Process Hacker copes with the most important task perfectly. Below we will provide full instructions for injecting downloaded hacks into your favorite game.

    Available for systems: x64, x32

    How to inject a cheat through ProcessHacker:
    1. Launch ProcessHacker.exe
    2. Launch the game (for example, CS:GO)
    3. Find the process csgo.exe (example for a CS:GO game)
    4. Click the right mouse button on the csgo process.
    5. Click on PROPERTIES (P.S. new type of injection)
    Next in the modules tab click options
    Next, load module
    Choosing a DLL
    Click to open


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