Valorant XP Farming Bot

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  • Game: Valorant
  • Version: 08/11/2020
  • Developer:
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    We offer you a cool cheat bot on Valorant, which can be downloaded for free from

    This is a great bot for those players who want to dominate the game servers a bit.

    There are great features like:
    - AntiRecoil - this feature will completely remove the recoil from your weapon, and you can accurately shoot at the target; Bot Config;
    - Anti AFK;
    - CamFov;
    - CustomCross and others.

    This is the first version, and the cheat will be updated and other features will be added over time. Stay tuned on our website.

    This bot can farm up to 100 thousand experience points every night.

    Valorant Bot features:
    - Auto Reply: automatically sends messages to the chat to imitate the player;
    - Anti afk: goes in the upper-left direction, occasionally stepping back to deceive the anti AFK;
    - Auto que: joins a new game when the old one ends;
    - Auto Char: selects a non-selected character at the beginning of each round.

    1. Launch Valorant;
    2. Run the cheat;
    3. Back in the game;
    The menu is automatically activated, choose the right one and go!


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