Download hack for CS:GO Postal cheat free
Cheat for CS:GO Postal Cheat - Multihack / Full legit / Rage

Cheat for CS:GO Postal Cheat - Multihack / Full legit / Rage

  • Date of update: 15-05-2019, 22:00
  • Reason for update: New version
  • Version: [15/05/19]
  • Author: Wa3Rix

Cheat for CS:GO Postal Cheat - Multihack / Full legit / Rage


Recently, I'm surprised at the number of new cheats developed. Another cheat from a couple of days ago managed to gain its popularity, it has a strange name "Postal Cheat" but has excellent functionality and completely Undetected, you can download it from our site for free.
There is a rage in the software, but the software itself is positioned as a full leg, although this is not so relevant now. Initially planned private version of the software, but a friend of the developer threw it and the enthusiasm was gone.

Silent Name, visual and recoil compensation are made as separate functions so that they can be used in combination or separately. It seems that the visual asim brings smoothly, and the silent shoots when the sight "swims" next to the head. There are advanced settings and 3 types of motion smoothing.

- Silent aim
- Visual aim (insensitive to recoil)
- Recoil aim (kickback)
- Backtracking (Teleports target 200 ms back in time)
- Misc (trigger, autopistol, delay, smoke check, antiAFK and others)

max missclick - the value after how many blunders in the head will shoot into the body, it is necessary to specify at least one part of the body except the head for such a case!

In the "grenade helper" that would trigger the "throw" need to hold the grenade throw and aim the sight in a circle (sometimes it bugs and turns into a triangle, I will correct it), after which the trigger will work. For "jump throw" you should jump after pointing, and "duck throw" sit down. When triggered, a small refinement occurs, for 100% accuracy of the throw.

If some chams don't work for you or they become different from the screenshots, set the graphics settings “shaders” to “high” or “ultra”, with “ultra” settings they will become more transparent and bright

The net DLL in the archive is not in order to inject it, but in order to protect it before the injection, since the protected DLLs cannot be re-protected.
You can use "Enigma", "VMProtect" and others. If you are too lazy, you can use the protected "postal.protect.dll".

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