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Cheat/Hack for CS:GO - AlienWare external

Cheat/Hack for CS:GO - AlienWare external

  • Date of update: 9-06-2019, 16:50
  • Reason for update: New version
  • Version: 2.5
  • Author: swoopae

Cheat/Hack for CS:GO - AlienWare external


Another new cheat, which is completely undetected, its main feature is that it does not require an injector. As far as you know recently, most cheats require an injector to run, but here the developer has tried and done an annexing cheat without an injector, which has high-quality functionality.

Starting a cheat:
1. Download it from our site
2. Extract the file from the RAR archive
3. Run CS:GO (Steam version)
4. Minimize the game
5. Run the .exe file as an administrator
6. Enable selected options in the cheat menu
7. Play!

1. Chams (clrender)
2. Glow
3. No flash
4. Bunnyhop
5. RadarHack
6. Rank Reveal(After activating the function, you have to click the "Insert" button to cheat in the console to show the rank and winnings of the opposing players)

Only registered users can download cheats.



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