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Cheat/Hack for CS:GO - RullyBullyWare

Cheat/Hack for CS:GO - RullyBullyWare

  • Date of update: 7-05-2019, 19:30
  • Reason for update:
  • Version: V1.2
  • Author: RullyBullyWare, MartiN

Cheat/Hack for CS:GO - RullyBullyWare


Hello! For a long time we didn’t have new cheats, despite the fact that old cheats are constantly updated and remain undetected, today I present you a cheat with a funny name - RullyBullyWare. It is unknown to many as it lies in access only in a few forums. 
it uses the code of the famous cheat - CSGOSIMPLE, and their functions are similar, namely:
- Ragebot
- Legitbot
- Visuals
- Misc
- Save config

- Thirdperson, which does not work correctly.
After saving the config, cheat crashes.
- Non-functioning phakelag.
- The chams have stopped working.
- Music on the bomb does not work properly.

How to enable cheats:
Extract 1nd1g0.dll and 1nject0r.exe to the folder.
Turn on the 1nject0r.exe file (the dll must be called 1nd1g0.dll to work!).

Enjoy the game!

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  1. 26 May 2019 23:24

    Please new Update nice hack <3