Download cheat for CS:GO NightGame - Legit, Rage, Visuals free
NightGame  - Legit, Rage hack for CS:GO + CFG

NightGame - Legit, Rage hack for CS:GO + CFG

  • Date of update: 11-06-2019, 23:30
  • Reason for update: New version
  • Version: v4
  • Author: NightGame

NightGame  - Legit, Rage hack for CS:GO + CFG


For a long time you would like to try a new, working cheat for CS:GO, which is available in free access, of course, yes! Therefore, below I will acquaint you with this opportunity and the cheat itself. First, let's talk about the hack itself, which works on all versions of the game and is completely safe to use. This means that when playing with NightGame cheat for CS:GO, you will be completely safe from being hit by a VAC lock. NightGame has the status UNDETECTED. Now let's get to its functions:

RageBot - will allow you to increase invulnerability against other players who play with cheats. They will be less likely to fall on you, because of the creation of fake models. There is also a unique development that will allow you to distinguish such models from an opponent with a cheat.
TriggerBot - allows you to bind a certain key, when the key is held down, a shot will be automatically executed. Very good for playing with AWP. There is also an automatic shooting mode without pinching the key, all you need to do is to aim at the enemy.
LegitBot - will help you to refine the enemy, it is not noticeable patrol. There is an aimbot setting, to be more precise, you can adjust the delay to the enemy.
Visuals - I think there are no comments needed, because everyone knows what it gives. But it is worth knowing that there are settings in it that will allow you to see his weapon, health, is there a bulletproof vest and so on.

To get the NightGame cheat for CS:GO, you just need to download the archive, which is located below, and inject it.

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  1. 12 June 2019 05:23

    it blocks the game! i cant move or shoot in cs go