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  • Date of update: 25-06-2019, 21:00
  • Reason for update: Release
  • Version: v16
  • Author: loljuxd - Legit/HvH - Cheat for CS:GO


Hello dear guest! Welcome back to, I found another good cheat CS:GO for you, download it for free.
Cheat for CS:GO - Legit/HvH is a versatile, multifunctional cheat software with proven functionality and fully operational capabilities. The software is universal and contains in its functionality the necessary set of functions for a different style of play: Rage and HVH. Choose them from your own preferences. 
Instructions for running the same as with all cheats, download it from (do not forget to turn off the antivirus), download a working injector, run CS:GO, start Injector and inject to csgo.exe, done! Menu - Insert.

Brief description of important functions:
Aimbot - is a unique addition to the game world, which will make it possible not only to automatically aim at your opponents, but almost instantly shoot at them, and, as a rule, destroy the enemy right away;
Wallhack - is the most popular cheat function in the modern world, because with its help you can significantly raise your level of play, but this should be done as carefully as possible without attracting attention;
ESP - almost identical functionality Wallhack, the only difference is that it gives even more information about the opponent: his level of health, location and weapons in his hands.

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