Download Cheat for CS:GO - Sanktum (Aimbot, ESP, Misc) free

Cheat for CS:GO - Sanktum v2.0 (Aimbot / ESP / Chams / Profile Changer / Bunnyhop)

Cheat for CS:GO - Sanktum v2.0 (Aimbot / ESP / Chams / Profile Changer / Bunnyhop)

  • Date of update: 1-09-2019, 10:18
  • Reason for update: New version
  • Version: 31/08/19
  • Author: bludeck

Cheat for CS:GO - Sanktum v2.0 (Aimbot / ESP / Chams / Profile Changer / Bunnyhop)


Currently, it is not so easy to find a really working and functional cheat for CS:GO. But Sanktum is literally a breath of fresh air in the world of cheats for CS:GO. You will no longer have problems with hitting the enemy, or finding him on the map, when any functionality will help with this. The Sanktum is a multihack for the real connoisseur of the best software and the most practical and secure use of cheats on public pirated servers, and not only. All the best - this is the multi-hack Sanktum for CS:GO, with the necessary and working options.

- The main and most relevant function for the Sanktum is AIM. It is with his help that each of your shots, without a doubt, will be sent to the desired goal - the enemy will blow the skull in two clicks. Thanks to an improved algorithm, Aim can now be controlled: adjust the direction of the shots yourself. This was done specifically to exclude pale when using these cheat programs and alternate the killings from headshots to ordinary murders in the body.
- Not less important function, I think ESP, thanks to which the user has a real opportunity to observe the movement of opponents on the map. ESP will provide an opportunity to calculate the location of the enemy, his type of weapon, in order to immediately neutralize him as soon as he appears on the horizon.

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  1. 12 August 2019 23:30

    how i get the hack out of csgo because its everytime injected if i start csgo

    1. 14 August 2019 19:55

      shadowkiller4232, This cheat was updated yesterday, try again

  2. 17 August 2019 10:33

    How do I open the menu in CSGO?

    1. 17 August 2019 10:44

      BishopBlayde, try Insert

  3. 24 August 2019 20:44

    how to run this ?

  4. 26 August 2019 19:39

    not work