Download cheat for CS:GO Aimfall - Rage/Legit hack

Aimfall - CS:GO Legit/Rage Hack

Aimfall - CS:GO Legit/Rage Hack

  • Date of update: 12-02-2020, 21:20
  • Reason for update: New version
  • Version: 12/02/2020
  • Author: Pitudovsky

Aimfall - CS:GO Legit/Rage Hack


Hello! I want to present you another popular cheat from a famous developer Pitudovsky, entitled Aimfall, you can download it for free from As I noticed, the cheat has been updated for a long time, and the developer will continue to work on it. He used to be on our site, but the developer, as I understand it, stopped working on it a couple of months ago, but recently he began to update it again. Today there is a chance to safely use the hack and be sure that your data will remain with you, no viruses and other spyware, only a working cheat. The onetapsu cheat has been relevant for a long time, so just start using it until Gabe has released a patch update.
From the screenshot you can understand the exact functions of the cheat, the most important of them is Rage and Legit hack, what does that mean?

Rage - activation of the most serious and destructive functions, including AIM, Triggerbot and other options that will help to destroy everyone around.
Legit - Activation of only loyal, simple options to maintain a power-free game: Wallhack, ESP, turning off smoke and flash drives.
Any other function can be used additionally separately from ready-made presets in the form of Rage and Legit mods.

1. Download cheat Aimfall for free from
2. Run CS:GO.
3. Disable anti-virus and Windows Defender while cheat is running.
4. Inject
5. You start the menu with the INSERT key.
6. Have a nice game!

This is a public cheat. It is recommended to use it about 72 hours after accepting.
Configs are saved to drive C (C: \ Aimfall).
The "Nightmode" option in chit may cause crashes.
I am not responsible for any bans, use the cheat at your own risk.

Only registered users can download cheats.

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  1. 27 September 2019 19:49

    Only wh, bh and no flash works. Ragebot doesn't work.

  2. 6 October 2019 15:15

    shitty,ragebot doesn't work

  3. 28 October 2019 23:16

    how to inject

  4. 28 October 2019 23:23

    metathug, Download from the Internet any working injector for CS:GO and inject it.

  5. 27 November 2019 19:25

    It's pretty bad, this hack's rage bot, legit bot, etc are bad they all are to confusing and you need to manually set the aimbot and triggerbot on every weapon but when your done you might already be vacced!

  6. 12 February 2020 22:17

    how open dll