Download free Dog External Multihack for CS:GO

Dog External Multihack [Aim/RCS/Triggebot/ESP]

Dog External Multihack [Aim/RCS/Triggebot/ESP]

  • Date of update: 29-10-2019, 19:48
  • Reason for update: New version
  • Version: 29/10/2019
  • Author: jojokrieger

Dog External Multihack [Aim/RCS/Triggebot/ESP]


For you, we have prepared a new free Multihack External cheat for CS:GO under the DogHack. The hack is no different from other free External hacks CS:GO. The main advantage of this cheat is that it works and includes in its capabilities an extensive number of functions (Aimbot / RCS / Triggebot / Glow ESP) that you can use with some keys. This cheat is invisible among the VAC anti-cheat, and at the same time you have the opportunity to play with it on the Steam version of the game and not be afraid of any locks, the main thing is not to fall under the supervision of a patrol.

There is no point in writing about the entire function of this cheat, you yourself know what Aimbot or ESP is responsible for. ESP functions have a big plus, which is not so easy to find in other External hacks. The plus is that this cheat will highlight your enemies or your own with some colors, for example, opponents with full health and red or other colors of those who have very little life will be green. This hack starts without any programs.

Toggle Glowesp - F11
Aimbot FOV + 0.2 - F7
Aimbot FOV - 0.2 - F8
Aimbot smooth + 0.2 - F9
Aimbot smooth - 0.2 - F10
Toggle Aimbot - F6
Toggle Bhop - F2
Shutdown Cheat - DELETE
Reveal Ranks - INSERT
Change GlowStyle - F1
Triggerbot Hold - alt
Toggle Triggerbot - V
Toggle BodyAim/HeadAim - F3[/code]

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  1. 18 October 2019 13:23

    hello i have error when u open it error:0xc0000007b