Download free hack for CS:GO - Legitware (Legit, Visuals, Skins, Misc)

Hack for CS:GO - Legitware [Legit / Visuals / Skins / Misc / Config]

Hack for CS:GO - Legitware [Legit / Visuals / Skins / Misc / Config]

  • Date of update: 30-10-2019, 19:24
  • Reason for update: Release
  • Version: 29.10.2019
  • Author: xanaxmylife

Hack for CS:GO - Legitware [Legit / Visuals / Skins / Misc / Config]


This time I present to you a new working cheat for CS:GO which I hope will be updated for a long time. Legitware cheat is perfect for any mode in CS:GO, it will work stably and correctly both in competitive mode and in the rest, cheat also works on any cards, even custom ones.

The issue of cheat security is an acute one, but you need to understand that the use of any cheat programs can lead to account blocking, but the developers made every effort to ensure that you are safe.
The author recommends using the cheat 48 hours after updating it.

We all know the functions, namely:
Legitbot - activation will enable the cheat functions, it will make it possible to use the following features: turning off the effects of smoke, flash grenades on you, activating transparent textures on maps and accelerated reloading.
Visuals - The upgraded Wallhack (ESP) shows a glow around players behind walls and other obstacles. ESP can show different colors of players with different levels of health.
Aimbot - A powerful aimbot with flexible settings will help you get into the heads of enemies (or another part of the body as desired). The aimbot guidance system does not affect the game’s memory, which makes it safe on VAC (and other anti-cheats) and efficient in a variety of conditions. Aimbot is very “human”, it does not twitch at all, it performs movements as if it were a professional shooting.
..and others

How to use
1. Disable antivirus
2. Download Legitware
3. Retrieve it anywhere
4. Run csgo.exe
5. Run Injector.exe and enter the game process, confirming the entry
6. Then enter cheat.dll and confirm by entering the game.

Only registered users can download cheats.

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