Download free hack - Xy0 / geminisoftware Legit / Rage / AA / Misc / Skins

Xy0 / geminisoftware [Legit / Rage / AA / Misc / Skins]

Xy0 / geminisoftware [Legit / Rage / AA / Misc / Skins]

  • Date of update: 23-11-2019, 10:30
  • Reason for update: Release
  • Version: 20/11/2019
  • Author: Xy0

Xy0 / geminisoftware [Legit / Rage / AA / Misc / Skins]


We want to bring to your attention a private version, a working cheat for CS: GO - Xy0 from well-known developers of geminisoftware. Xy0 - is one of a kind cheat that has been on the market for many years. This hack included many functions, it has: a fully customizable aimbot, recoil control, the latest ESP (wall hack), TriggerBot, RadarHack, antiflash and working jumble (BunnyHop).

AimBot is one of the main functions of this cheat, because it will help to destroy absolutely everything on its way and will do it almost without your participation. Just activate a set of functions, including AimBot, adjust the area of defeat of the enemy and enjoy.

The main difference between a RAGE cheat and a more simplified one - LEGIT, is that when playing with the first option, you seem to be furious and indiscriminately destroy everything in its path. The rage cheat is perfect for those users who are not interested in playing fair or near-honest using simpler cheats. This software is intended for brawlers and avengers, for the mass destruction of players in a few seconds after the start of the round.

How to use?
- Download the attachment and unpack the archive.
- Run CS: GO.
- Turn off the anti-virus and while cheat is running.
- Inject geminisoftware.dll
- You start the menu with the INSERT key.

This is a public cheat. It is recommended to use it about 72 hours after update.
I do not help in private messages.
I am not responsible for any bans, use the cheat at your own risk.
Configs save to the xyo folder located in% appdata%

Only registered users can download cheats.



  1. 27 November 2019 19:22

    Pretty good hack, not better than,, or but it is better than most free hacks

  2. lmfao admin got mad and deleted my message