Download cheat for CS:GO - TapWare Legit, Rage Hack

Cheat for CS:GO - TapWare [Legit, Rage Hack]

Cheat for CS:GO - TapWare [Legit, Rage Hack]

  • Date of update: 31-12-2019, 19:18
  • Reason for update: Release
  • Version: 31.12.2019
  • Author: lil pvhs

Cheat for CS:GO - TapWare [Legit, Rage Hack]


Hello, friends! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Recently, the authors of cheats are not very actively updating them, preparing for these holidays. I found for you a new cheat that has been updated today and will be updated further, it looks not bad on the interface.

I don’t know what exact functions are there, but I know that there is an aimbot for sure, check it yourself. Recommendation from the author:
"This is a public cheat. It is recommended to use it about 72 hours after update.
I am not responsible for any bans, use the cheat at your own risk."

Only registered users can download cheats.



  1. 5 January 2020 19:02

    please i need rage cfg :(

  2. 28 January 2020 14:01

    wtf dont dowlad