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Cheat for CS:GO - Ex-Bitcoiner [GlowESP / Aimbot / Triggerbot]

Cheat for CS:GO - Ex-Bitcoiner [GlowESP / Aimbot / Triggerbot]

  • Date of update: 15-02-2020, 11:17
  • Reason for update: Release
  • Version: [13.02.2020]
  • Author: Ex-Bitcoiner

Cheat for CS:GO - Ex-Bitcoiner [GlowESP / Aimbot / Triggerbot]


Happy 2020, friends! We hope that a lot of good and working cheats will be released this year.
I also rested a little, but now it's time to work and find new cheats for you. And I found it, the cheat came out these days, according to the worker, there are a lot of satisfied players, it has an interesting name - Ex-Bitcoiner.
It has a number of interesting functions:

GlowESP [F1] - A useful feature that easily helps you locate an adversary through walls wherever he is.
Triggerbot [F2] - Want to play quietly? this function will help you do this, you don’t need to press the shooting button, the triggerbot will do it yourself, it’s very convenient to kill while holding the awp in your hands.
Bunnyhop [F6] - By pressing the F6 button, you will begin to jump continuously.
Aimbot [F7] - Well, how could it be without this wonderful function, no matter how bad the players you are, an aimbot will help you get into any part of the opponent’s body.
Settings loading system [F9]
Skin Changer

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  1. 30 January 2020 03:54

    doesnt work anymore :1

  2. 7 February 2020 22:27