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Hack for CS:GO heisen.cc [Legit | Visuals | ProfileChanger]

Hack for CS:GO heisen.cc [Legit | Visuals | ProfileChanger]

  • Date of update: 13-04-2018, 08:46
  • Reason for update: update v1.0.3 [13/04/2018]
  • Version: v1.0.3 [13/04/2018]
  • Author: verun

Hack for CS:GO heisen.cc [Legit | Visuals | ProfileChanger]


Polish developer cheats verun released a fully working cheat for CS:GO heisen.cc [Legit | Visuals / ProfileChanger]. Cheat is good both visually and technically. In the Arsenal of this hack you will be able to detect all the necessary features for a beautiful game, you will easily be able to configure all favorite LegitBot (for perfect and accurate shooting, but it will be invisible to the anti-cheat patrol), to include Visuals (to include viewing through walls, enable Antilles, nosmoq and more with optional settings) and pick out skins for players, weapons, etc. And the most important advantage of this cheat is its built-in injector, which allows you to run the cheat instantly without any difficulty.


- Legit .
- Visuals
- Misc
- ProfileChanger
- InventoryChanger
- Skinchanger
- Screenproof(F12/F5)

Turn off your antivirus
Download and unpack cheat
Launch CSGO
Install the supplied font
Run the attached injector as an administrator
Enter the csgo process.exe a to file .dll heisen.dll
Wait 10/15 seconds

A screenshot of the correct settings of the injector:

Only registered users can download cheats.

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  1. 5 April 2018 12:14

    How can I open?

  2. 10 April 2018 09:47
    Give me a cheat of wall hack
  3. 14 April 2018 05:31

    nge naman ako

  4. 22 April 2018 06:53

    como abrira o hack


  5. 17 May 2018 09:20
    How to activate?