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Hack for CS:GO Skush Multihack (AIM+ESP+WALLHACK)

Hack for CS:GO Skush Multihack (AIM+ESP+WALLHACK)

  • Date of update: 14-10-2018, 01:07
  • Reason for update: update v3.0 [14/10/2018]
  • Version: v3.0 [14/10/2018]
  • Author: SuperMarlon007

Hack for CS:GO Skush Multihack (AIM+ESP+WALLHACK)

New cheat for CS: GO Skush Multihack (AIM+ESP+WALLHACK) from the German developer cheats SuperMarlon007. This hack is brand new and invisible to all kinds of anti-cheats (including the official VAC). Contains all the necessary multihack features for a comfortable game. The main feature of this hack is that it does not require an injector, which means that the hack you can run in one click and customize at will through the menu cheat.

Triggerbot [Hold-Key, Delay]
Glow [Health - Based,Allies / Enemies, Entities, Glow-Modes, Custom Colors]
No Flash
No Hands
No Scope
FOV Changer
Clantag Rhanger [Many Styles, Animated]
Rank Revealer
Recoil-Control-System [Custom Pitch/Yaw]

Disable or pause antivirus if download is blocked
Configuration files are stored in Documents\Skush
Use at your own risk


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  1. 13 May 2018 17:46

    Is the the malware false positive?

  2. 6 June 2018 12:05

    its showing me a config error what should i do

  3. 26 June 2018 16:53

    fake virus


  4. 9 July 2018 06:28

    message displays "can not connect to remote server" how do i fix?


  5. 20 July 2018 00:31

     "can not connect to remote server"