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Description of CS:GO cheat functions

Every cheater good day!

Among the huge audience of Counter-Strike GO users, there are really professional players, there are amateurs - and they all play without any additions. But there are a number of such gamers who use cheats from their first day in the game and play as well as the professionals mentioned above. After all, the world of cheaters is an attractive, carefree and cheerful world, agree. The proposed article is intended exclusively for beginners in this business, but its usefulness is recognized by experienced cheaters, here you can learn a lot of new things. Each function of cheats CS:GO that exists in cheats in the modern world will be described below, and I will also try to evaluate each option by its effectiveness and “visibility” in the patrol.


Aimbot - he, the assistant, is an addition to the game, which greatly simplifies hitting the enemy. There are several branches of AIM’s - Rage and Legit.

The first offshoot, Rage, which translates to Rage, is the most rigid version of it. Thereby shooting all opponents in any direction strictly in the region of the skull. You, figuratively speaking, have eyes on your back, because opponents can be struck from any side, your review is 360 *

The second branch is Legit, which translates as legal or legal, a simplified version of the same bot, which is distinguished by a more cautious, very smooth aiming sight at the opponent. Usually there are a large number of add-ons of this option to create the ideal conditions for yourself. You can create the best parameters of the aim and never be caught cheating
Below will be given all the basic parameters with cheat functions in the first place, included in the framework of Aimbot:

AimType - one of the types of bot, which is divided into two subtypes: Vector and Silence. The first type simply simulates the aiming sight on the opponent, the second one does not direct the sight in automatic mode, but each shot hits the specified place on the enemy, of course to the head.

RCS - (Recoil Control System) - the degree of recoil of an instrument is expressed as a percentage from zero percent to one hundred. A cheat must be tuned to each type of weapon, or to the whole group at once. Also РКС can be included always, or only when Aim is working.

FOV - the same angle of capture in Aim. The higher this level is set, the more targeted the target will be from a farther distance from the enemy. It happens FOV classic and DBF type. The second is a simplified, legit add-on and its main feature is that if the enemy is far away, then the angle of capture decreases.

Smooth - is one of the most important add-ons of aim. It is precisely unrest that can set the smoothness of aiming at the enemy. The value can be set to zero, where the scope "jumps" immediately towards the enemy, or to make this movement smooth, we combine the parameters of the FOVA and Smoot.

HitBoxes - places where the aim is sent. Some cheats can choose several targets at the same time, and the targeting is automatically directed to the nearest one. But one hitbox, more often than not, is more than enough and this is the torso or head. One particular gun is tuned, so when changing weapons - this parameter should be reset anew.

AimKey (Activating a cheat button). As a rule - the left mouse button is responsible for this parameter. If another key bind is installed, the aiming at the target will be made, but the shot will follow only when the LKS is pressed, unless of course other options of the type are turned on: automatic firing or triggerbot.

AimDelay - The delay means the time after which the aiming at the target will be automatically effected (with or without a shot), after the –activation of the above item “Aimköy”.

- AimDelay Type is a new modification of the delay, which has two degrees - Waiter and Breaker. Waiter - only aiming, and after a while there is a shot. Breaker - no aim before expiry of the Delay parameter.

AimTarget. When choosing “Enemy” - only the enemies stand out. “All” is all around, “Team” is only allies.

BackTracking is a useful option that simulates the return of the opponent's model a few milliseconds back when it moves. You can activate another add-on "Visuals", it indicates a point on the enemy's skull, so that a line along which you can destroy the enemy is plotted in motion.

- KillDelay - delay new aiming at the enemy, after killing the first. Very convenient and useful for legit - games.

There are additional new options that limit Aim’s action, namely: Smoke Check, Reload Check, Jump Check, Jump Ignore, Auto-Pistol - these functions of the cs go cheats limit the operation of the bot in case of smoke, reloading of the gun, in the air, against the enemy in jump, automatic pistol shooting
So you got acquainted with the basic functionality of the aim in cheats xc go. On the part of the patrol, it is possible to assess the paleness of an image, because it is not immediately clear when they say that a bot is very dangerous to use due to its unreal sharpness and other details, others say that they have never encountered account locks. Going to the right points is given everything is not far away, even when Vallhak is active, it is not always possible to predict how the enemy will behave and it is unlikely that you will be able to “prescribe” headshots, even knowing the trajectory of its further movement. If you use Rage instead of Legite settings, you will probably burn yourself on the server, and they will block you in the patrol without questions, because everything is immediately clear here - the scope is twitching, the player throws himself in all directions, and the killings happen instantly. Another approach is Legit read csgo, which are adjusted to the level of real professionals, so-called pro-players. Correct setting of Smoot, FOVs and Hitboxes - the key to success, durability.


Triggerbot is one of the most used functions of csgo cheats in modern cheats. You will get the opportunity to hit any target that hit the sights. As with any other option, there are some parameters that you should be aware of, namely:

- Key (TriggerKey, ActiveKey) - the trigger activation key. There are two types of options, among which are: Switch and Onkey Switch. The first will allow pressing to activate the option, the second function will disable the same option by clicking. Onkey - the trigger can work only when the shooting button is held down. Onkey is the most legitimate.

- Hitboxes - means the same as in aim - body parts on the opponent, which are triggered by attention. Select one or more parts of the enemy’s body where the shots will be fired. To make shooting look more realistic - activate several hitboxes, this is useful.

- Delay - delay the transfer of sight from one place to another. Usually installation takes place in MS (milliseconds).

- HitChance - setting the probability of a shot at an opponent when aiming at him. The probability is determined from 1 percent to 100.

- OneShoot. The first function of the cheat xgo produces only a single shot, is activated for the Desert Eagle, various sniper rifles. The second function determines the delay between shots in milliseconds.

- SmokeCheck - disable the trigger through the smoke, so as not to burn.

Triggerbot is an assistant in the game, which improves your reaction and allows you to exceed your opponent in this. The perfect combination for trigger job is Scout sniper rifles and AWP, as well as a Deagle pistol. But do not forget that a person is not a robot and in reality he has his own reaction limits, therefore it is impossible to react with a speed of more than ten milliseconds. Therefore, never set the sight to the minimum distance from the place from which the enemy will appear, because you will be told already for 3-4 rounds, and later banned for using cheats, because this is a clear fawn. A personal recommendation on this is to set the “delay” to 500 milliseconds. Use triggergun for automatic rifles such as AK47 or Emki is not worth it, because the chance to burn grows. If there is a great desire, then install a trigger exclusively for pistols, especially useful in the first rounds, where, thanks to bad enemy ammunition, you can destroy them with vanshots in the head with Glock, USP or P2000. To cause less suspicion, periodically disable the cheat. Pale yellow patrol in legitimate mode from 30 to 50 percent, it all depends on the style of your game.
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