PUBG: Mobile
PUBG: Mobile CHEAT RadarHack (ios / emulator / android)

PUBG: Mobile CHEAT RadarHack (ios / emulator / android)
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  • Author: Manulzxc
  • Added: 06 July 2020
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To your attention a new free and working cheat on PUBG: Mobile. You can download and test this software yourself. The cheat is completely free and secure. All you have to do is download the cheat on PUBG: Mobile and follow the instructions to run it. The functionality here is very modest there is only one function-Radar Hack - this function will display all the players on your radar, which you can run on your computer or any other device (phone, tablet, etc.). Cheat on PUBG: Mobile RadarHack works on all sorts of devices that support the game PUBG: Mobile, and it is also possible to use this cheat on your computer using the official emulator PUBG: Mobile.

How to make the radar work.
1) Install winpcap.
2) You need to select the correct winpcap device, which will sniff packets.
The archive contains an auxiliary program that will help to do this. Just select a device and download something in the browser. If packet 1 packet 2 packet 3 etc will be written
So the correct device is selected. If not, restart and find the correct one. This is only necessary for the first run. The following times you can immediately start the radar.
3) Start the radar, click the Start button, and then start the game.

Radar doesn't always show accurate information, and sometimes it doesn't display bots on the radar.
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