Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
CS GO CHEAT OSIRIS - Legit, RageBot, Visuals, Skins

CS GO CHEAT OSIRIS - Legit, RageBot, Visuals, Skins
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  • Author: danielkrupinski
  • Added: 07 July 2020
  • PASSWORD: 123
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The cheat has literally everything you might need: backtracking, skin changer, Bunny hop, auto Streif, animated clan tag, radar hack, disclosure of ranks, anti smoke, anti flash, disable overlay sights, third-person view... It is obvious that all the popular triggerbot, aimbot and VX are also present. And most importantly, there are a huge number of settings for all cheats.

The cheat is controlled from a convenient menu that you can open with the Insert key. Unfortunately, you can't activate cheats by pressing keys, which is probably the only and main drawback. But with this functionality for free, does it matter?

How to use it
Download and unpack the cheat.
Use any convenient injector, for example Xenos
Now when you click Insert, you will open the cheat menu, in which you will enable, disable and make all settings for cheats. The menu is also closed on Insert.

Aimbot - aim assistance
Triggerbot - automatically fires when crosshair is on enemy
Backtrack - abuse lag compensation to move players back in time
Glow - render glow effect on entities
Chams - color player models to improve visibility
Esp - show information about players, dropped weapons and projectiles
Visuals - miscellaneous visual options
Skin changer - change weapon skins, knives and stickers
Sound - modify volume of certain sound effects
Style - select menu window layout and colors
Misc - miscellaneous features
Reportbot - automatically report players on server for cheating or other abusive actions
Config - JSON-based configuration system
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