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Hack/Script for Fortnite Perfect Aim (STW & BR)

Hack/Script for Fortnite Perfect Aim (STW & BR)

  • Date of update: 17-10-2018, 19:19
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  • Version: [17/10/18]
  • Author: ipastecheats

Hack/Script for Fortnite Perfect Aim (STW & BR)

I want to remind you again that at the moment it is difficult to find working cheats for the game Fortnite, so they were free and available to all, but we tried to find you a script for Fortnite, which will add to your game working Aimbot or shooting without recoil. The script is hard to detect the protection system, which is why I use it for about a year and all is well. Full instructions you can find by downloading this script from our website. Good luck!


Just create a folder in your documents (doesn't matter where your fortnite is located, use your windows install documents folder) named "Unreal Engine", inside it create another folder called "Engine", then inside it create another folder called "Config", then inside that folder create an ini called "UserGame.ini", inside it you simply put



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  1. 19 October 2018 17:09

    this piece of shit doesnt work 

  2. 19 October 2018 19:57

    how the fuck do you do it


  3. 19 October 2018 21:22

    [quote][/quote] omg :V

  4. 26 October 2018 00:23
    אני רוצה איים הוט
  5. 28 October 2018 19:03

    how do you make an ini



    ik how to do it now

    i will update u if i find that it works


  6. 29 October 2018 00:02

    How do you make ini file

  7. 29 October 2018 01:14
    Can I do this shit on Xbox
  8. 31 October 2018 00:03

    Does not work


  9. 4 November 2018 13:25

    to make .ini file. Right click the script and Compress it to .rar and then rename it to (NAME).ini


  10. 8 November 2018 05:13

    season 6?

  11. 11 November 2018 13:23

    Guys catch a private cheat on fortnight, cheat remains free only for 1000 downloads, cheat is relevant for season 6, I play for 3 months without a ban, http://gmy.su/:4Siv

  12. Yesterday, 18:22

    how do u open ?