Download Fortnite Macro Buildnig Script AHK script free

Hack for Fortnite Macro Buildnig Script [AHK] script free

Hack for Fortnite Macro Buildnig Script [AHK] script free

  • Date of update: 10-08-2019, 12:13
  • Reason for update: fix
  • Version: 1.1
  • Author: sankia

Hack for Fortnite Macro Buildnig Script [AHK] script free


Hello, dear friend! Missed free working hacks for the game Fortnite? Sure I did! And we are pleased to provide you with a new full-fledged working script for Fortnite, with which you in a matter of seconds will be able to build buildings and not get for these actions ban, because the script is not embedded in the game itself, and serves as an addition, but if you abuse the function, it is likely to get a lock. Use this hack is a pleasure, all the buildings will be at the expense of hot keys. For the hack to work, you need a working program AutoHotkey, which we put in the archive. Follow the instructions and enjoy the easy constructions.

Main keys:
(LShift + K) Creates a land ramp
(J) Creates development
(L) Create believe

Q: can I get banned for this?
A: banned you may be too inhuman reactions (when you get a lot of reports) to run a script you can't get banned because it in no way interferes with the game's source code and any of its files (it just simulates mouse and keyboard movements)!
Q: I Press the button and nothing happens!
A: Check if you have a script specifically for your parameters. Tz. do you have default keys to build (F1,F2,F3)!

How to install:
Download and install AutoHotkey
Download Fortnite-macro_RecON 90s.rar script
Unpack and run it
Turn on Fortnite and enjoy building in the blink of an eye with a single button!

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  1. 3 February 2019 07:20

    works good :-)

  2. 11 February 2019 16:23

    Does this work for xbox one?

  3. 16 March 2019 16:57

    this cheat is so good and tasty i mean it killd my pc in 2 sec but i got a victory royal so if you like it you are gay like me and must die!!!

  4. 1 May 2019 21:16

    does it works ?


    it downloads me only Fortnite macro_RecON.rar


  5. 28 August 2019 15:24

    omg it bloody works

  6. 13 September 2019 16:40

    Whats this


  7. 24 December 2019 19:25

    how to make it stop??