Download Anti AFK for Fortnite free

Anti AFK for Fortnite [AHK] Script Free

Anti AFK for Fortnite [AHK] Script Free

  • Date of update: 25-09-2019, 21:07
  • Reason for update: Update link
  • Version: v1
  • Author: Zaff1337

Anti AFK for Fortnite [AHK] Script Free


Friends! There are situations when you need to move away from the game for a couple of minutes, but Fortnite is kicking you because of the AFK. This script is perfect for you! He clicks a button every 30 seconds, in which case the game will understand that you are not going around. It is very easy to use.
The script requires additionally install a program that everyone knows - AutoHotKey (the program is downloaded from the official site and added to the archive with the script)(You can also download this program yourself from the official site).
How use:
1. Run AutoHotkey 
2. Download the script from our site. 
3. Unpack and run Anti AFK.ahk
4. Run Fortnite and press the key "P".
5. Is done. Now every 30 seconds your character will move. 

Is it banned for this?
-No, AutoHotKey is not a prohibited program and is used in various programs and games.

If you do not understand something, write in the comments and we will definitely help you!

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  1. 22 June 2019 12:51

    is this fake?


    1. 22 June 2019 17:09

      GAMER1072, no, I changed the download link, it works.

  2. 28 September 2019 00:49

    what does the cheat do?