How to avoid ban in CS:GO - guide for cheaters
Greetings to every amateur and professional in this difficult, cheating craft. Today we will talk about how to properly play the game with cheats. This information may seem elementary to many and will not see anything new in it, but if some of those who find my advice and personal observations to help with the question of how not to get caught up with cheats in the first place, will appear, then this is excellent.

Let's start with VAC (Anti-Cheat from Valve). Anti-cheat is aimed at detecting “extra”, “cheat” software and preventing a potential intruder from reaching the server. HAC lock can not be canceled or appealed.

Patrols - this is not an automatic detection of cheaters, basically you can only get caught seriously sleeping. The ban is also rarely removed, but theoretically you can try to challenge the decision of the patrol, but is it worth it?

In the guide for a bespalevnoy game with cheats in CS:GO, I will tell you how to protect your account from the second type of blocking.

Pay attention to several points:
If you absolutely do not have the initial skills of the game, then no cheats will not help them “get”.

In order to be less or not to burn at all in CS:GO, you should know the cheat device and understand how ordinary users move without using third-party software. Where the opponent goes on the shifta, where it makes noise, where it is possible to shoot and so on. Your main task is to be as close as possible to the main mass of players on the server, then there will be much less questions and suspicions about you. Free game with cheats in this case is possible.

It is also important to understand the fact that the title does not rise for the total number of “kills” or “help”, but for the victory of the team as a whole and there is no sense in chasing the frags.

It is possible to determine, of course, which functions of cheats can be played with, and with which it is better not to get involved, but here and everything is clear. It is safest to use ESP, WH and NoSpread, not NoRecoil. The trigger bot is not very desirable to use, as well as Aim in any of its variations. Everything that helps in aiming and shooting is very difficult not to notice when re-viewing the rounds, making the patrol easily find a “hook” and block the account forever, who needs it?

A safe game with cheats in cs go is possible if the right approach to the selection of functions and settings. Even using the ESP or WH, you can easily “pierce” and show the patrols that you are using something third-party, because from the side there are perfectly visible unnatural movements of the players. Too frequent prediction of the opponent's movement in the game is suspicious, so try to bring your gameplay closer to the original and use the information obtained correctly.

Aiming at the enemy, which is not yet visible - this is the most stupid reason to burn. Otmazatsya, and say that he appeared on the radar will not work. Please note that when you have active WH or ESP, you can unwittingly aim the enemies behind the wall or any other object that can bring problems to the player. Eliminate this habit and give yourself a chance for "mistakes" and "omissions" of hidden enemies.

In my opinion, the main problem of WH gamers can be considered the prefair, because if you run out from behind the wall already firing at the enemy, then this is clearly a suspicious case. Avoid situations where the enemy camper behind the box or in a dark place, and you immediately deal with it - in a normal game to do it is almost impossible if there were no signs of movement and noise. Only when a model of a terrorist or special forces soldier flashes before your eyes - you should fire on them, otherwise you risk everything.

The last one hundred percent option not to burn - to use the information that you see through WH or ESP for the benefit of yourself or the team. Try to tell the allies where most of the opponents headed, where the enemy is located approximately. Thus, you inform the team about the movement of the enemy and you will burn at least minimally during single actions on the map.

How to play with Wallhack:

Remember that shooting in smoke is conducted in any direction and in any quantity, but do not aim at a visible target. Just hold the shot in the direction of the veil of smoke and cause maximum damage to all those who may be behind the veil, but do not kill them with an accurate shot - this is suspicious and can be seen while watching the fight with the patrol.

After the smoke subsides, you will have the opportunity to finish off some opponents, or leave them for other teammates. After all, how not to get caught up with the cheats in CS:GO, when you fire at the target through the smoke?

If you "caught" a blinding grenade, then try to seem "helpless." Try not to kill anyone during blinding, but sometimes you can stretch in the direction of a potential enemy, as many do.

If you find out, thanks to the cheat functional, that the enemy forces are heading towards you, then do not run towards them. It is better to inform the team mates that there are a certain number of enemies not far from you, and wait for them where they do not expect, take a tactical position, for example: check of passage. As soon as the opponent independently comes to the light - he can be killed without any special complaints, because he is in front of you, you followed the passage and did not break anything.

There is also a method that I call the “ignore” method. You saw a potential opponent. Understand that he runs past, and will not cause you damage - do not touch him and pretend that you did not notice how he ran. At this point, you can kill him, but for an overwater patch, this is a great “alibi,” so to speak.

If you notice an opponent, then do not change the pace of your step (go on sifte - continue) and go directly to the enemy, making it all as if by accident. Pay attention to shoot in the direction of "sounds" of the opponent - not the best idea.

It happens that the enemy takes a very unusual position, so ignore him and even merge if his detection can bring you problems. And do not forget that aiming through the wall is one of the main punctures of cheaters.

Do not forget about the situations when you stay 1 against 3-4-5 people. In this case, deactivate BX and play your own skill. If there is still no skill, it’s not scary when you pour one round to five - everything comes with time.

How to play with Triggerbot:

On YouTube, many claim that it is very easy to burn an AWP with a Triggerbot, but this is really nonsense. Triggerbot can be burned with any weapon, but not with one that can destroy an opponent with one accurate shot. Perhaps in the game suspicious moments may emerge, but as a rule, it is very difficult to prove them and the ban will not follow in the future.

Based on this paragraph, it can be understood that using the Trigger’s is most logical in conjunction with the AWP.

The Triggerbot principle is a prefire shot, which means that as soon as the enemy appears on the screen, a bullet will appear in his head, which may cause suspicions. To avoid such a situation, never place the sight at the very corner of the corner, but try to keep the sight at a distance of about half of the player’s torso, then your reaction will be similar to the real one.

The next principle is a trigger button on a convenient button, so as not to permanently play with it, but to include it only at crucial moments.

As a final observation, I think that you should not aim the enemy too smoothly, better make a breakthrough, and the bot will shoot its own opponent.

Before the game in the bundle of Triggerbot+AWP, you should practice properly to fight with a sniper rifle, then there will be much less suspicion.

Guide for a fun game with cheats in CS:GO gathered all the most relevant information to date, based on personal experience and observations, now you know how not to get caught up with cheats in CS:GO.