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Ring of Elysium - "Potato Mode"

Ring of Elysium - "Potato Mode"

  • Date of update: 6-10-2019, 11:32
  • Reason for update: link
  • Version: 1.0
  • Author: Roe

Ring of Elysium - "Potato Mode"


Unfortunately, there are no working free cheats for this game, but I have found another way for you to gain an advantage over the players, and it really works and is undetected, since you will not use the program being introduced into the game.
It works all through the program NVIDIA Inspector, and it only works on video cards Nvidia, it makes the graphics in the game without details, so it's really easy to see people.
The downside is that you lose red dots when zooming, etc. So I recommend using an external viewfinder. 

1. Make sure you have the game turned off.
2. Download, install and enable the "NVIDIA Inspector" program.
3. Click the tools icon below: 
4. Select the Ring of Elysium profile in the upper left corner
5. Modify the following settings, as in the picture below
6. Click "Apply changes" in the upper right corner
That's all. Have fun!

I hope there are players who still play this game and it will be useful for you to try it.

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  1. 6 October 2019 11:00

    its not downloading

    1. 6 October 2019 13:44



  2. 8 October 2019 01:27

    hmmm ahhh yess the floor is made out of floor

  3. 26 October 2019 10:07

    badnight202, Maybe you configured it incorrectly? The author has not released any updates.