Download cheat for ROS Hax4you free

Hack for ROS Rules of Survival Hax4you - AIM/ESP/Telekill

Hack for ROS Rules of Survival Hax4you - AIM/ESP/Telekill

  • Date of update: 23-01-2020, 19:39
  • Reason for update: New version
  • Version: v5.6 - 20/01/2020
  • Author: Hax4you

Hack for ROS Rules of Survival Hax4you - AIM/ESP/Telekill


Free VIP hack for ROS from Hax4you development team. This cheat is perfect for any cheater, whether you are an experienced hacker or just a beginner. All this thanks to the simplicity of this cheat program, when you download you will get only one .exe file that you should run and enjoy the performance of this hack. The program has its own menu with which you can customize any function to your style of play. With a full list of features you can read under this entry and at the same time see the menu of the cheat program.

This is the only cheat on our site that has gained more than 100,000 views, and for good reason, because it is considered the best cheat for Rules of Survival
It is worth noting that the developers are constantly trying to improve the cheat and release updates, we will also follow this and notify you.

To play with this cheat you will need to install .Net Framework 3.5 - click to download.

Use at your own risk!

What's new?
V5.2 - 03/10/2019 
– Improved GUI Animations
– Improved GUI Functions
– Added GIF Preview (You can now watch our cheat preview)
– Improved Security (we improved our anti leech)
– We added data cache (So you can play quickly without downloading the datas again)
– Improved Graphic User Interface (GUI)
– Designed for better gaming
– Multiple Game Support
– Cheat Auto Updatewithout updating the whole cheat
– New Activation Method (We are doing a fastest way of activation but its not yet finished so for now enjoy this activation method)

– We buy a new server to give you the best experience and faster connection.

Only registered users can download cheats.

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  1. 31 January 2019 12:51

    when i use esp, the window automaticaly close


  2. 4 February 2019 17:23

    yes, that's true, me too, have same problem, when i want to active hack, (like, loot esp, player name, or something other, my game and cheat will be automaticaly close, and when i start the game after this problem, its same !!! 

  3. 16 February 2019 21:02
  4. 26 April 2019 09:32

    Cheat updated!

  5. 29 April 2019 03:07

    When i use scope changer game closes

  6. 30 May 2019 19:13


  7. 1 June 2019 02:50

    Don't USE scope co'z your GAMe was CLOSe

  8. 1 June 2019 11:14

    I've been using it for a while now maybe 2 weeks ago when i started using this cheat, and just today i updated the game and was banned permanantly. I think this cheat is not safe with the new update.

    1. 18 June 2019 20:38

      Qubix, Updated, by idea he is again Undetected

  9. 19 June 2019 03:53

    This site is nostalgic. I use nowdays since Kate does more stuff on there.

    1. 19 June 2019 19:44

      ITZLIT, this site was once also led by KATE, I work with him, Unfortunately, we do not have such a large audience to support the site as KATE.

  10. 6 July 2019 22:59

    when i load cheat then it say open rules of survival i open it and it wont open pls help


  11. 6 October 2019 17:20

    how to open cheat


  12. 22 October 2019 16:51

    link code off??


  13. 30 October 2019 06:41
  14. 19 November 2019 07:04

    cheat not open in intel hd graphics


  15. 7 December 2019 06:46

    what is the code ?


  16. 10 December 2019 00:37
    I need to hack
  17. 6 January 2020 14:36

     10 December 2019 00:3


  18. 25 January 2020 16:32



  19. 9 February 2020 14:33

    noo i am banned 


  20. Yesterday, 07:47

    how to cheat


  21. Today, 06:48

    Me I Know How To Cheat :) Exiled