Download cheat for ROS Hax4you free

Hack for ROS Rules of Survival Hax4you - AIM/ESP/Telekill

Hack for ROS Rules of Survival Hax4you - AIM/ESP/Telekill

  • Date of update: 19-05-2019, 11:39
  • Reason for update: New version
  • Version: v2.1
  • Author: jhonrey1011

Hack for ROS Rules of Survival Hax4you - AIM/ESP/Telekill

Free VIP hack for ROS from Hax4you development team. This cheat is perfect for any cheater, whether you are an experienced hacker or just a beginner. All this thanks to the simplicity of this cheat program, when you download you will get only one .exe file that you should run and enjoy the performance of this hack. The program has its own menu with which you can customize any function to your style of play. With a full list of features you can read under this entry and at the same time see the menu of the cheat program.

Use at your own risk!

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  1. 31 January 2019 12:51

    when i use esp, the window automaticaly close


  2. 4 February 2019 17:23

    yes, that's true, me too, have same problem, when i want to active hack, (like, loot esp, player name, or something other, my game and cheat will be automaticaly close, and when i start the game after this problem, its same !!! 

  3. 16 February 2019 21:02
  4. 26 April 2019 09:32

    Cheat updated!

  5. 29 April 2019 03:07

    When i use scope changer game closes

  6. 7 May 2019 04:40
  7. Yesterday, 08:37
    Please give me a hack
  8. Yesterday, 20:22
    give m cheat