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Rules of Survival - No Grass Cheat

Rules of Survival - No Grass Cheat

  • Date of update: 9-01-2020, 22:23
  • Reason for update: Release
  • Version: [15.11.19]
  • Author: unknown

Rules of Survival - No Grass Cheat


I spread for you a simple cheat that removes grass for ROS - Rules of Survival. You can download it as always for free from our website -, we also advise you to look at the Rules of Survival (ROS) Hack/Cheats section for other useful cheats.

No Grass - what is it for, you ask? This is a simple cheat that changes the grass in the game, as a result, it becomes transparent, and you can easily notice your enemies who are hiding in it.

- How does he work? 
- You do not need to run anything, you just replace the game file that removes the grass.

- What should be done to make the cheat work?
- Everything is very simple, download the archive from our website, unpack the file scene.npk to game folder - /ros/Documents/ with replacement. Done!

- What to do if the cheat does not work?

Download this archive and also replace as described above, it should work.

- Can I get a ban for it?
- No, because you do not run third-party applications, anti-cheat will not notice the replaced file.

Only registered users can download cheats.

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  1. 6 October 2019 20:33

    I dont know if this is bug or not but when I finised first match and play again, then it cant load it stuck and in the lobby it had a lot of bug with display like mixed color lol

  2. 8 October 2019 11:15

    this do not work,  any new? thank you

  3. 30 November 2019 13:48


  4. 8 December 2019 04:05
    Bawal cheater sa ros