How to open .dll cheat? Instructions for starting the. dll file

How to open .dll cheat? Instructions for starting the. dll file
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Many people after downloading cheats from our site are wondering. How do I open the downloaded cheat in .DLL format?
The answer is very simple, all you need is to download a ready-made injector with which you can easily embed the downloaded file in the game.

What is an injector?

Injector is a special utility with which you can safely embed the downloaded cheat in the game itself. This is done mainly to protect you from viruses and unwanted bans in the game.

Where to download the injector for .dll file?

You can download the injector for free from our website. We provide only the most up-to-date and secure injectors for your accounts. All injectors are protected from the threat of a ban, so the chance of getting a ban is very low.

Link: ​​Injectors​​​

How to implement cheat. dll format in the game?

Basically, each page of the injector will have a description of how to do this. But the most basic method is:
  1. Download the injector
  2. Start the injector
  3. Upload .dll cheat
  4. Specify the path to the desired game (for example csgo.exe)
  5. Make an injection
  6. Play :)
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