How do I install a trainer on a game?

How do I install a trainer on a game?
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Once you have visited this page, you probably decided to use one of the trainers downloaded on our site, but you do not know how. On this page you will find answers to all questions related to the installation and use of trainers.

Installing the trainer

To install any of the trainers, you will need to copy it to the game folder. Where it is located .exe file that runs this very game. For correct activation, you need to start the trainer first, and then the game. Then he will correctly determine the process of the game and get into it. It happens that you can start the game first, and then the trainer and there will be no problems, but this can be fraught with the crash of the game.

Antivirus detects the trainer as a virus

It happens all the time. And do not be afraid of this and write me angry comments here. All trainers work exactly the same as viruses, only they do not hack your computer, but your game for you. And of course anti-viruses on this thing triggered and will be triggered further.

To use the trainer normally in this situation, add it to the antivirus exceptions, or just disable it for the duration of the game.

How to use the trainer

In use, all trainers are very similar to each other. In the instructions for them, you will see what keys you need to press in the game and what you will get after they are pressed. This same information is available on almost all running trainers, although it is rarely in Russian. In fact it all comes down to a few actions:

- Click the specified button to get the desired effect, resource, or something similar.
- Enter a number in the field and get the same amount of resource in the game.
- Or the third option, when there is a possibility of teleportation. One button stores the point for teleport, the second teleports, and the third returns to the original position, if necessary.
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